Today’s dogma I’m questioning…several people in my Facebook feed have stated that they don’t think FB is right for politics. This seems arbitrary to say the least (and not just because I’m a political junkie.)

Social media is used for several things that can be irrelevant, or disturbing, or just nonsensical…to others. Because social media is generated (for the most part)…by people. Who can be irrelevant, disturbing, or nonsensical…to others. It’s just the way we are.

I myself…don’t really care about what my friends had for breakfast, or where they’ve “checked in” 5x today, or to see pictures of their kids as their profile photos. But that’s how HUMANS are. We’re messy. We’re real. And what’s important to us…is important to us. And I, for one, am glad we’re sharing it. Even when my response is simply “meh.”

The only time I’ve blocked someone on my feed is when they’ve broken one of 2 rules:
1) Needless interruptions of my feed (if you’ve sent me FarmVille requests, this might be you,) and
2) When someone has been uncivilized on MY public space. (harsh language, calling me a liar, unnecessary anger)

I found myself shocked by the Facebook privacy scam yesterday. I’m sorry – but I’ve NEVER thought of the stuff that I put on FB, or Twitter, (etc. etc.) as private. Just like I’m doing on my blogs, I believe that the contribution of my thoughts/feelings/actions to a publicly-traded website is just that…public. Maybe I’m too simple, or naive, or too practical…but I always assumed that was part of the deal.

So, I for one, am RELIEVED that politics showed up on FB during election season. In fact, I’d rather we stayed involved in digital conversations about government OUTSIDE election season (I’m looking at you, Obama campaign!)

I now return you to your social media civility…however you define it.

I look forward to seeing you soon…assuming you haven’t blocked me šŸ˜‰


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