All in?

Even though I’m a sports fan myself, I find it disturbing how much our politics, our beliefs, etc. are turning into a “who do you root for?” kind of structure.

You see, the world ISN’T black and white, many shades of gray are possible. And just because I “endorse” or “support” someone doesn’t have to mean I’m FOR everything they do.

I support Obama – but I wish he’d change his tune on drone attacks, had acted more quickly on gay marriage, the war on drugs etc. The truth is, I WISH there was a true “far left” candidate I’d been given a chance to vote for — but it’s just not in the cards right now.

And I endorse Apple – but I wish their treatment of factory workers was better. And I wish Apple Maps … uhm…worked. But again, they’re simply better than the alternatives I’m currently given…and I trust that’s going to be the case for a while.

The point is – labels are easy to assign, but they don’t always tell the tale. Yes, I’m an urban-inclined leftie with a passion for open-minded and progressive companies and politics. Just don’t be surprised if sometimes, I surprise you a little.

Because people are hard to pin down. All of us.

Let’s try to lose a few easy labels today, shall we?


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