I continue to find it shocking the vitriol that starts when you question the LITERAL truth of two pieces of the written word.

First, the bible. For some reason, the thought that this book is a collection of learnings and mythology that was designed to give us valuable lessons about life is PATENTLY OFFENSIVE to the self-described “true believers” who demand that the earth isn’t as old as carbon dating proves it is (even Pat Robertson now gets this.)

I’m sorry. I just don’t get it. You can be a “good Christian,” … you can live your life according to whatever creed you care to, … just don’t demand that I follow your rules — or deny new learning to your own, and our society’s, detriment. It’s uncivilized, it’s willfully ignorant, and frankly, it’s just plain rude. Your religion is probably dictated by where you were born, and the religious background of your parents. Sorry folks, but that doesn’t make it a decision you made. That’s the definition of “by chance.”

Which is fine. Just don’t expect me to go along for the literal ride. It isn’t going to happen. And it makes our public forums appear silly. What you believe is just fine with me…until you impose it on others. (Which is why I originally left the church, but that’s another story.)

But the REAL subject of my “stop taking this stuff literally” ire is…(wait for it) the constitution.

For us to sit and act like a bunch of slave-owning landowners over 200 years ago could predict the future…and the issues we’d be facing is as silly as saying the earth is merely THOUSANDS of years old.

The constitution didn’t account for African Americans owning property, or voting. To say nothing of its ignorance of women.

John Adams never faced a billion dollar SuperPac-funded election campaign. It’s time to talk about campaign reform.

Abraham Lincoln never typed the letters http. It’s time to consider new rules to allow the internet to reach its potential.

Thomas Jefferson never saw an AK-47. And it’s time to have a sensible debate about weapons that are being used to kill citizens from Oregon, to Colorado, to NYC. The solution ISN’T more arms, folks.

Here’s a word we should take literally. PROGRESS.

Let’s get on it, people.

Thanks for listening.


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