So, do we need teachers in this society of ours?

So, something occurred to me this weekend.

Two months ago or so, it seemed that teachers were all the rage for our dishonor. They didn’t work for 3+ months out of the year, they didn’t deserve the rights for collective bargaining, they were generally “government workers” who exhibit all the worst stereotypes of such — feeding off the public dole whilst not working hard enough.

Fast forward one month, and the suggestion is that they are ninja-like warriors with the great responsibility of protecting our children from armed harm. The suggestion is that we should arm them to the teeth, and trust them to be the SWAT team of our nation’s youth.

Well, I’ve got two things to say…

1) I wouldn’t be where I am without the GREAT teachers I had in my small Iowa town. I submit this post as a tribute to them…for most of them cared greatly to make sure I had the tools I needed to succeed, AND they made sure I gained more importantly the ability to come up with thoughts of my own.

2) If you’re going to spend time disrespecting people, arming them right after may not be your best policy.

Just a thought for a Monday morning from an avid public school supporter.


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