Gift cards – the ultimate “stuff for stuff?”

This was kind of a “gift card” Xmas for me…after all, if you don’t really know what someone wants, why not give them a gift card to their favorite store, and let THEM pick it out. That way, you’re not just giving more STUFF.

The problem, of course…is that so many gift cards go to waste…never used, never appreciated.

Well, along comes Gyft. Gyft “aims to make it easier for consumers to manage and make the most of all their gift cards through a single mobile interface.” You can give cards, receive cards, and most importantly,…regift cards to others.

Seems like a smart solution to me.

By the way, I still need your help. If you haven’t sent me “a sentence,” PLEASE do so…I need all the input I can get from my readers.

Go here for a reminder of what i NEED from you.


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