I don’t want to be popular.

I went to a comedy show last night. A formerly brilliant comedian played a packed house. The problem? Her usually fine wit was replaced with all-too-easy jokes about TV culture, celebrity worship, and her own twitter behavior.

I realized…it’s happened again. Something that was popular with maybe 25% of people was fantastic. Something with a broader audience? Juvenile, pointless, vanilla.

So, here’s to the unpopular ones. The ones with something to say, the ones with a point of view…the ones who move culture rather than simply reflecting it.

Whether you make widgets, coffee, or computer…try to be bold. Bring value to people’s lives.

With mass comes mush.

And…I think it’s the same with people. When I’ve tried to gain the approval of others, rather than simply living to my own fullest…I’ve pandered…and I’ve dulled down my offering.

I’m going to try NOT to do this anymore.

Anyone care to join me?


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