The TED conference isn’t very blog-friendly.

That headline probably doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Of course, the conference is very high-tech enabled, and the content is as always…amazing.

However, it’s HOURS of content every day — paired with minimal breaks for meeting new people, discussing what we’ve just heard etc.

The only break is at the end of the day (7ish Pacific time) — and then the parties start, enabling more time to meet new friends and connect.

So, it’s going to be a week with minimal, if any, blogging from me. I’m balancing that fine line between inspiration and exhaustion…and I’m trying to stay on the right side of that. (And we’re only thru the first full day!)

Anyway, back to regular programming next week. See you then.


Everyone needs to settle the hell down.

I’m disappointed in the Onion this morning.

This country’s finest news humor site tweeted an offensive message last night. (I’ll let you Google the story, it’s easy enough to find.)

And this morning…they apologized.

Sorry folks – but it was…a JOKE. The Onion has parodied the attacks on the World Trade Center, man’s first walk on the moon, the Lance Armstrong debacle…everything. In other words, they have applied their unique brand of humor to everything. Things we hold dear…and things that we don’t. They have relentlessly stayed “on brand,” reporting as their own version of the “evil USA Today.”

So…last night’s foil was a young Oscar nominee. Apparently, THIS is the line that humor is not allowed to cross.

Sorry…I don’t agree. Humor is humor. And, in my opinion, there are NO subjects so sacred that we can’t joke about them. That’s what living in a free country is about.

Sorry, ranting a bit today. Back to regular programming tomorrow.

We’re all in this together.

This morning, I’m giving some thought to how many things are trying to divide us. Red versus blue, your sports team versus mine, etc. etc.

Here’s to thinking about the things that unite us – care for each other, our sense of hope and optimism, and our desire for a better life for all.

After all, it’s not like the America we live in today is one of scarcity. Most of the world would be thrilled at the opportunities and items we all take for granted.

And, despite some of the signals that many of us received growing up, you don’t have to LOSE for me to WIN. A rising tide raises all boats. That’s the kind of success I’m striving for.

So, as a reminder…I offer this blog that questions dogma, not to divide us…but to ask each of us (and myself) which things we’re taking for granted, which rules may or may not apply after all.

I think that makes life worth living.


Babies smell just fine, thank you.

Scanning the web this morning, I found notice of a company that has produced a “baby perfume.”

I wish I was kidding. From the article, “the creators of the perfume apparently used hints of bergamot, honey and musk to accentuate the natural odour of newborns.”

Full article here.

It amazes me that we continue to find ways to hide from the real world. To mask actual, human experience. And deny nature.

That’s my thought for today. Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have to go enjoy my Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend…mmm…real human conversation, great food, etc.

You know, the stuff of life.


I miss Republicans.

Seriously, here are some things John Boehner kept sitting down for.

1) Voting rights,

2) Raising the minimum wage to nine dollars an hour,

3) a 102 year old woman who voted.

It’s seriously ridiculous.

You’re right, John – don’t let America see you celebrating what are obviously good, easily bipartisan ideas. Keep the poisonous relationship in Congress alive, even as it eats your own party, tearing it in half.

I miss well-intentioned, well-informed Republicans. The honest, straightforward party of caution and individual rights.

If I was a Republican (and I know many of my friends in social media are), I would be fighting for my party back – and wresting control of it back from this Tea Party Yahoos.

Republicans – for the republic, get to work.

Don’t forget to vote today.

This is a bit of a followup to yesterday’s post.

I’ve been thinking lately about how everything I consume, or view, or otherwise give my attention to…is kind of like voting. My engagement with them is like a “virtual dollar” towards that cause.

It’s changing the way I do things.

Watch trash TV? You’re encouraging them to make more.

Mindlessly consume? You’re creating more demand to fill that retail space once you’ve taken your good away.

The point is…every dollar we spend is like a vote we engage our society with. So, as for today…I’m going to do so…mindfully. Because my vote counts.

As for now, thanks for engaging with my blog today.

Let’s leave Taylor Swift alone.

(I mean, unless you’re simply making fun of her music, that shite is wack.)

But no, I’m talking about the Internet culture of making fun of her writing songs about her breakups. After all, don’t we encourage all our young writers to “write what you know?”

I wonder, I just wonder…what will any of us think of our jokes later in life when we see how she turns out.

Or if we’ll regret our “Honey Boo Boo” jokes.

Before any of these folks become the next Lohan.

Hey, I’m just asking…

Refreshing isn’t very refreshing.

One thing I’ve been noticing a lot lately.

The act of staring into my screen — checking email, etc. is called “refreshing” — but never seems to do that for me.

Staying THAT available, and that interruptible, leaves me tired…and allows me to accomplish very little.

So, on a day where NYC is bracing for the next nor’easter, and I’m mostly at home getting things done – I think I’ll refresh less today, and refresh more.

So, if I don’t answer your emails for a while, I hope you’ll understand.

Stay warm, safe, and have a great weekend all.

Um, our president deserves respect.

I can’t believe I even have to suggest this is worth saying. But I’ve had it.

Why, at every turn, is this president’s legitimacy questioned?

Were you born in the USA? Give us your birth certificate, prove it!

Do you really shoot a gun? We need a photo, prove it!

Seriously, considering this guy became president a mere few years after election irregularities caused Al Gore to…I guess…lose an election? THIS is the man who needs to prove his legitimacy?

Here are a few questions that weren’t asked of Bush…

You are being accused of a drug problem. Pee in a cup, prove it!

You are being challenged that your military service time wasn’t served properly. Show us the records, prove it!

And uh…I’m not sure those are Weapons of Mass Destruction. Prove it, BEFORE you send our boys to die in the sand.

As it’s been said before, We Survived Bush – You’ll Survive Obama.

Move on. Let’s get some shite done.