Um, our president deserves respect.

I can’t believe I even have to suggest this is worth saying. But I’ve had it.

Why, at every turn, is this president’s legitimacy questioned?

Were you born in the USA? Give us your birth certificate, prove it!

Do you really shoot a gun? We need a photo, prove it!

Seriously, considering this guy became president a mere few years after election irregularities caused Al Gore to…I guess…lose an election? THIS is the man who needs to prove his legitimacy?

Here are a few questions that weren’t asked of Bush…

You are being accused of a drug problem. Pee in a cup, prove it!

You are being challenged that your military service time wasn’t served properly. Show us the records, prove it!

And uh…I’m not sure those are Weapons of Mass Destruction. Prove it, BEFORE you send our boys to die in the sand.

As it’s been said before, We Survived Bush – You’ll Survive Obama.

Move on. Let’s get some shite done.


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