We’re all in this together.

This morning, I’m giving some thought to how many things are trying to divide us. Red versus blue, your sports team versus mine, etc. etc.

Here’s to thinking about the things that unite us – care for each other, our sense of hope and optimism, and our desire for a better life for all.

After all, it’s not like the America we live in today is one of scarcity. Most of the world would be thrilled at the opportunities and items we all take for granted.

And, despite some of the signals that many of us received growing up, you don’t have to LOSE for me to WIN. A rising tide raises all boats. That’s the kind of success I’m striving for.

So, as a reminder…I offer this blog that questions dogma, not to divide us…but to ask each of us (and myself) which things we’re taking for granted, which rules may or may not apply after all.

I think that makes life worth living.



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