Everyone needs to settle the hell down.

I’m disappointed in the Onion this morning.

This country’s finest news humor site tweeted an offensive message last night. (I’ll let you Google the story, it’s easy enough to find.)

And this morning…they apologized.

Sorry folks – but it was…a JOKE. The Onion has parodied the attacks on the World Trade Center, man’s first walk on the moon, the Lance Armstrong debacle…everything. In other words, they have applied their unique brand of humor to everything. Things we hold dear…and things that we don’t. They have relentlessly stayed “on brand,” reporting as their own version of the “evil USA Today.”

So…last night’s foil was a young Oscar nominee. Apparently, THIS is the line that humor is not allowed to cross.

Sorry…I don’t agree. Humor is humor. And, in my opinion, there are NO subjects so sacred that we can’t joke about them. That’s what living in a free country is about.

Sorry, ranting a bit today. Back to regular programming tomorrow.


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