If I wanna see theater, I’ll check in for a flight.

I see today that the TSA has decided to let swiss army and other “small knives” on airplanes again. Chalk this up to the TSA being more about security theatre than reality.

As a person who travels constantly, I see three problems in the way TSA does things.

1) Here? OK…There? Not so much.

Some airports require certain things (like taking your iPad out of your bag) — others, not so much. Inconsistency rules.

2) People don’t change.

The security standards assume you’re always one kind of person. Suffice it to say, no one was BORN a terrorist. Something happened, and they changed course. How good is TSA in tracking these changes?

3) Thousands of years.

Finally, the people who want to hurt us are fighting battles that have been raging for centuries or more. The fact that we’re loosening our standards simply shows we don’t understand the long view.

Let me be clear – I want good security at our airports. I just resent the theatre. The attack on the WTC was conducted with box cutters and coordination — it’d be nice if our “security forces” helped guard against this, rather than loosening restrictions over time.


One thought on “If I wanna see theater, I’ll check in for a flight.

  1. Or, perhaps an even more sound approach would be to dispense with the politically correct, let’s-check-everyone-including-grandma-and-the-newborn method of security, and replace it with a system grounded in detecting—through the observation of known behaviors—those most likely to perpetrate an attack on Americans, or any other innocent traveler. Running airport security like we all are equally capable and determined to carry out a terrorist attack is ignorant at best, and more likely catastrophic, as has already been proven. But then, it’s the TSA; an agency of the United States Government. And what agency, task force, commission or otherwise titled group run, managed or directed by our government isn’t completely incompetent?

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