Is it possible our National Anthem is being sung too well?

I went to see college basketball this weekend.

Let me clarify — I went to see 7 basketball games this weekend,…as I watched my alma mater play in their conference tournament.

But something struck me…the lovely renditions of the Star Spangled Banner. Ah, fresh young voices hitting the high notes, and adding their own signatures to the classic tune. It’d be impossible to sing that well.

And, maybe…just maybe…there’s something else to that.

When I was young, the attendees of an event frequently sung along with the vocalist. Now, almost no one does. Why is that? Could it possibly be that these impressive vocalists are actually DISCOURAGING people from singing along?

Could these be just one instance among many (losing civics classes in school, people assuming Social Security is a right at 65, etc.) where we’ve chosen to reward the individual whilst devaluing our shared, common experience?

You might say I’m taking this too far…that it’s just one thing. And I might agree with you.

I wonder how many more we could come up with?


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