I’ve changed my mind on assault weapons. Credit to #PattonOswalt.

An idea I’ve shamelessly stolen from the great comedian, Patton Oswalt, (although he applied it to owning Hummers, not assault weapons.)

To those who claim they have an American right to assault rifles and other multiple-round shooters to “defend the American way of life,” I say…let’s give them a chance.

Want to own one of these war-grade weapons? No problem.

In fact, we’ll give you an opportunity to shoot it. We’ll even pay for the artillery.

If you’re that interested in protecting your American freedoms, well then — saddle up. You can buy and keep the weapon – AFTER you’ve used it to defend our freedom in our foreign theatres like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

That’s the deal. You get the weapon – on the taxpayer’s dime. You just have to sign up for a two-year tour understanding those freedoms at a deeper level than the rest of us “America haters.”

Saddle up friends, see you in a bit.



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