What a week for social media.

People jumping to conclusions based simply on what region criminals are from, criminals being apprehended from crowdsourced reddit threads and iphone photos, and people reporting news in an ongoing twitter-lanche that makes me question what journalism has become.

More on this later – I suspect, much later.

But for now, suffice it to say, that

“What did your twitter feed look like when the 2nd brother was captured.”

is no…

“Where were you when man walked on the moon, or when the Berlin wall fell.”

I’m thinking about the mediated experience today…and wondering if we’ve really progressed with all this technology.

But again, I suspect I’ll be writing about this all later.


Sequels are usually worthless.

Why do people always do “Part 2’s” that are simply recreations of “Part 1?”

See here…

Or see Hangover 2, Matrix Reloaded, etc. etc.

Here’s to creating new things…

THIS is why people hate my chosen profession.

Apparently, Tide detergent is in trouble with its industry — because it actually stopped people from overusing laundry detergent.

Details here.

Money quote:

“The previous major innovation in the category, concentrated detergents, actually boosted sales as American consumers persisted in over-dosing their loads despite the fact that they could effectively use less of the more expensive stuff.”

When people are bemoaning you actually helping your customers, and NOT contributing to overconsumption (not to mention the overuse of chemicals) — we have a problem.




We can’t handle the truth.

Why is it we can’t handle seeing sports injuries that are deemed “too graphic?”

Or caskets coming home from our foreign adventures?

Is it perhaps that we, as a culture, aren’t adult enough to deal with the ramifications of the things we celebrate? And glorify?

Sorry, a bit heavy for a Monday I know…

Just wondering…