Three isn’t always a pattern.

Gotta get this off my chest.

One of them engaged in (at least) online flirting, which was a moral flaw that hurt…his wife. Its effect on me…is nothing.

Another participated in illegal commerce, and cheated on his wife. It’s effect on me — nothing.

The third? Apparently, illegally harassing city employees. Its effect on me? It’s probably going to cost taxpayer money in lawsuits, harm our ability to recruit better employees in needed city services, and generally erode trust in a major American city.

I know we as humans look to patterns, which create stories, which allow us to create beliefs with which to navigate the world.

But– let’s not forget to focus on what really is happening. If you’re not the wife, maybe…just maybe…this isn’t really about us.


Things could be worse, but I don’t care.

You know how sometimes, people try to make you feel better by saying…”hey, things could be worse?”

For example, I saw a post on Gothamist this morning saying I should pipe down about the crowds on my L train platform, because the trains in Beijing are much worse.

Sorry, but I don’t buy into this logic anymore.

Here’s to striving for what can be in your own life. Not judging things by simply being “better” than they could be. Not judging your life by comparison to others. Not determining your success by looking at your peers.

If there’s one thing I’ve been thinking about in my RID project, and in my changing of my name from “Dave” to “David” — it’s been about only comparing myself…to myself.

That’s MY choice, anyway. 😉